Lessons are on Saturday mornings between 9:00am – 12:00pm, with Calum Anderson. Lessons are between 20 and 30 minutes long.

Recorder classes cater for a variety of levels, with beginner classes helping students learn the basics of both reading and playing music, and the more advanced classes focusing on musicianship.

Music theory classes are based on the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) syllabus with grade 1 to 5 levels available. Students have the option to study towards the associated music theory exam if desired.

Buying a Recorder

Recorders come in different sizes, but the most common recorder (and the one you will be learning if you are a beginner) is the descant/soprano recorder. These tend to be made in plastic or wood. While wooden recorders have a nicer tone, they can also be pricier. Plastic recorders for beginners will suffice! 

Yamaha and Aulos descant recorders are more than sufficient for a young learner.

Beware of recorders for sale from online websites, and discount shops such as $2 shops as these can often be made of cheap material and may not make great sounds when played.

The best places to buy a recorder are KBB MusicMusic Works and Rockshop.

Meet the Teacher

Calum Anderson teaches recorder and music theory at Lincoln Music School. He has been teaching at LMS since 2005. Prior to this, he had been a recorder and violin/viola student himself at the school since he was six, and had also studied the piano accordion up to a grade eight level, having competed at the national championships for many years. 

Recorder lessons at LMS.
Recorder ensemble! From right to left: Steffi (alto); Calum (soprano); Hamish (tenor); Lyndon (bass).