Guitar lessons are on Saturday mornings between 9:00am – 12:00pm. Lessons are 30 minutes long.

Some lessons are also available on Tuesdays after school.

Buying a Guitar

Where to buy or hire guitars in Auckland

For buying instruments and accessories, the two closest shops are the Rockshop (Henderson and NorthWest). All shops have experienced staff who can give good advice.

What sort of guitar should I buy?

Your first choice is between a classical guitar or an acoustic steel string guitar. Both are good; it’s a matter of personal preference. You could make that decision by asking the staff at the store to play both for you to hear and compare.


For young children, half and three quarter size guitars are available. But in my experience, it’s best to buy a full size guitar from the start.

Children will grow into the full sized instrument before too long. If there’s a struggle initially, that can be handled by simplifying the music. Plus, full sized guitars sound better because they stay in tune longer.

What else do I need?

You should get a case (soft or hard) to protect your guitar. Most reasonable guitars will include the case, but some are guitar alone and come in a cardboard box.

Other useful accessories are:

  • a spare set of guitar strings (make sure you get the correct string type for the guitar you buy);
  • a capo. (This makes the playing easier for music in a difficult key);
  • guitar picks;
  • a guitar tuner.

Meet the Teacher

Peter Kirkpatrick plays classical and acoustic guitar:

I first learned to play guitar in my early twenties, inspired by a friend who was also taking up guitar. For this reason I believe it’s never too late to begin your musical journey. My musical tastes are varied, but I most enjoy playing folk, gospel and classical guitar music. My main group experience has been with church worship teams over the years. As a teacher it’s a privilege to help others discover the joy I find in playing the guitar.

Peter Kirkpatrick